Georgia O'Keeffe Frida Kahlo Emily Dickinson


Living History Performance Artist Colleen Webster as Dorothy Parker       Colleen Webster as Rachel Carson


Bringing Art to Life

           …through Interactive, Educational Living History Performances

NEW Artist – Rachel Carson!

Colleen Webster is an English professor, award-winning writer and speaker for the Maryland Humanities Council whose intense interest in women in the arts inspired her to create several one-woman shows that are educational, entertaining and inspirational for all who attend.

Not mere art history presentations, these are true living history performances in the spirit of the famous Chautauqua lectures. Ms. Webster puts great effort into speaking not just about the artist, but authentically as if she is the artist, herself, with a projected show of reproduced photos and artwork to support her informative life stories. Transforming herself into Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Dickinson, Dorothy Parker or (newest addition) Rachel Carson for performances at schools, museums and artist groups, Ms. Webster creates an interactive experience that transports her audiences back in time, helping them truly understand and identify with these brilliant artists in a manner that simply cannot happen through the written word or pictures alone.

Join Colleen Webster as she becomes the artist you wish you knew. Speak to the artist and get answers to your questions from her unique perspective. Then speak directly with Ms. Webster, who has become an expert on the lives of each of these icons of the art and literary worlds.

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