Colleen Webster Bringing Art to Life

Booking Information

Colleen Webster as Frida Kahlo next to Kahlo self portraitAll performances have a projected slide show which will require either a screen or blank white wall. No microphone is usually necessary unless the venue is large. A small table or desk is helpful to hold props. Colleen generally arrives 45-30 minutes before the performance to set up her laptop and projector and change into costume.

All performances are appropriate for adults and teens and most can be altered to suit middle schoolers and even elementary school age children. Ms. Webster has performed for:

  • Spanish classes
  • English classes
  • honor societies
  • art galleries and openings
  • artists groups
  • assisted living centers
  • historical societies
  • history clubs and organizations
  • ecological groups

Local shows have a set fee that can be determined at booking. Colleen has traveled as far as Maine and South Carolina from her home in Maryland; travel fees can be discussed. Contact Colleen for more info.